How Transparent Do You Need To Be When Promoting Affiliate Products?

If you promote affiliate products, this means that you promote someone else's products and they give you a commission for each sale. There are many rules and regulations you must follow in order to practice affiliate marketing properly. The truth is, the more transparent you are, the better.

One thing to remember is that being transparent in business is beneficial to everyone. Letting people know that your link to that helpful product is an affiliate product promotions trust. Giving the link without telling may not seem like a problem, but some people do get upset about that and feel as if they were lied to.By law you are required to:

Provide Contact Information

You can not hide behind your computer and not be who you really are in today's online world, and you should not want to. You're there to serve your audience and customers and they need to get in contact with you. Provide easy to find contact information in as many ways as you can afford.

Provide On-Page Disclosure

Every visitor that comes to your page should have the opportunity to read that you earn money via affiliate links and product promotion. That means that on any page you sell a product, you should include the disclosure. You can find a plugin to help with this, or use shortcode if you use WordPress.

A Policy Page

Create a whole page devoted to explaining all your policies so that any website visitors can look at that page to find out the nature of your business. You should address all partners, how things are fulfilled, communication, and so forth. For example, your customers should know that if they buy something from a link, they should seek customer service for that product with the place they purchased from – but that you still want to know if they have more problems.

Other Useful Data

The fact is, any data you can provide makes you more transparent. It also makes your audience's experience feel safer and makes them more comfortable. For example, include testimonials, recommendations, short reports and so forth about the products you are recommending. Anything you think will help build trust and make you more transparent to your audience you should do.

But, even if it was not a matter of law, transparency really builds that know, like, and trust factor that everyone wants so badly. When you tell people that you are making money promoting something, it does not take away from the fact that you're selling something that solves their problem.

Who I Am, Where I Come From And How Did I Start My Online Business

I am from Southeast island of Singapore and am an internetpreneur by profession. In case you wonder what an internetpreneur is, it is my alternate term for entrepreneur since I am running an online business.

I started my online business in July 2008 but prior to that, I used to be a hassler having taken on many jobs due to disinterest in studies, poor grades and limited knowledge.

I started as an admin assistant in July 1996 after completing my National Service. But because the pay was rather low at $ 650, I historically quit to do data-entry at a local-based Hong Kong company specializing in computer and office supplies. Although the pay was slightly higher at $ 800, I decided to seek better prospects after working again for 1 year.

Now what happened was a series of roller coaster ride which I did not want to share openly because of poor decisions and ignorance that caused my family, relatives and so-called friends to look down on me.

I left my data-entry job for what was supposed to be a lucrative insurance career in Prudential, American International Assurance and Manulife Financial.

For the first 2 companies, I worked as a telemarketing appointment appointments for the agents to meet prospects while sitting for my insurance exams which is a must in my country for anyone to be certified as a financial services consultant or advisor before even starting his or her her career.

But because I failed my basic insurance twice and investment-linked policies 3 times, I could not continue as the first 2 company managers I worked for could not tolerate my exam shortcomings and saw no value in continuing my services as the relevant authorities came up with better prospecting system than just telemarketing.

For Manulife Financial, I was accused of cheating in investment-linked exams when all I did was to bring in the formula table since Mathematics has been my weakest subject through my school life. And given the fact that I was given just 1 week to study and grasp the fundamentals, I could not do so and was under tremendous pressure to excel in order to be fully certified as financial services advisor.

I was sacked by Manulife and expelled from getting involved in all insurance-related jobs and career for 5 years. And I can tell you what happened after that was when everything went downhill from there financially, mentally and spiritually.

That was in April 2000 and jobs competition had become fiercer than before. I could no longer find the jobs I used to do as most companies preferred women and ever cut labor costs by getting automated software and systems to perform all admin duties.

And for the next 7 years, I worked in various jobs as in telemarketing for call centers in credit cards, accounting software firms and timeshare companies. I also worked as freelance administrator for a brokerage firm and was getting full pay of $ 1500 that of that.

But in 2008-2009 exactly 10 years ago, that was when I reflected upon myself and my family. Because 3 things happened that extremely made a transition indirectly.

The first 2 were what everyone knew. Barrack Obama got elected as US President and Global Financial Crisis while the third was the effect Global Financial Crisis have had on my dad.

Now besides being a teacher, my dad was a stock and shares investor as well. But whether he invested into Lehmann Brothers, how much he invested and lost, those questions remained a mystery to me and my family. What I do know however was after the news were announced, he went into depression and frustration which looked to everyone as insanity.

Before that, he approached all his friends – who borrowed from him – to return back his money and then CPF (Central Provident Funds) board – which was our government body – managing our pensions, health and housing coverage to withdraw all his pensions but was turned down by all of them.

About 3 months later, he was diagnosed by doctor to be suffering from the final stage of liver cancer which he got 2 years before Global Financial Crisis. His losses worsened his condition and he passed away on 25 June 2009.

That was the day I decided not to depend on bosses and even government for a living even against my mother's wish.

About 3 months before Global Financial Crisis, I developed an interest in potential of making money online. The first 2 programs were email processing and work-from-home data entry jobs. Unfortunately following instructions instructions from the letter, I did not make any money.

It was only in the 3rd program I joined – also data-entry program – that I started to make not just my first dollar but my first $ 100 and from there, I progressed to make my first $ 1700.

Because unlike other 2 programs, I was not just instructed to promote that program I joined but many other programs, products and services as well. That was also when I got to know online marketplaces like Paydotcom, ClickBank and Amazon.

However my only regret was since making money online, the amount was not sufficient to save my dad from his financial and future health woes. By right as any Asian should out of being filial, I could have worked for bosses just to make ends meet for myself and my family.

But I did not. Instead I used my share of dad's inheritance and invested mostly into internet marketing. First the courses by Ewen Chia and Jaz Lai – local experts I met at their internet marketing seminars and other marketers that they recommended as their subscriber and customer. Beside courses, I also invested into many software tools and resources.

Keyword research, content generation and website builders. Either downloadable desktop and web-based.

That was towards the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 – which really marked the transition for me in life and business. But like everything else, life has had its ups and downs as well even though I have the flexibility to work and earn anywhere anytime I want.

Being being engrossed into list building and email marketing as main fundamentals of internet marketing, I was also obsessed with building niche sites and getting to the top of Google for free search rankings and traffic. Because the higher your sites got, the more exposure you have and more money you make potentially.

But due to certain unethical practices by internet marketers whichave the internet marketing industry a bad reputation, Google made a series of changes to downgrade sites received to be of low quality in content and just wanting to be put by marketers for making money.

In 2013, I switched to Amazon affiliate marketing. As compared to digital products as in e-books, e-learning videos and software, selling physical products were easier but contracts were much lower. This was due to warehouse, shipping and delivery staff who make a full living into making sure the customers got what they paid for in perfect condition and on time.

Besides this, I also took a long time into building high quality e-commerce stores even though I was just promoting other people's products and not my own. But the trick to succeeding is your affiliate sites should not look like typical but ones that really engage prospects into customers.

4 years later, I combined what I learned from promoting both digital and physical products as both affiliate and product vendor as in sharing with people what I Learnt and know so far in my 10 years of internet marketing.

What Is And Different Models Of Internet Marketing?

In my last article I shared about myself and how I got started in internet marketing. Today here I will be explaining what internet marketing is and different models related to that even though all these can be run with just your PC, laptop, iPhone and internet WiFi connection.

At first glance to most people, it is about selling things and making money online. But when I asked them further on what else they know, most give me a blank look and have no idea to answer further.

Because in my country Singapore – especially since it is developed with high home ownership and infrastructure, many people – in particular baby boomers and senior generations – are very new to technology and preferred to be in their comfort zone of learning through printed books, classes and networking events since the last 2 provided them with more personal touch as compared to learning on their own online since the vast information that they find and learn from Google and YouTube.

What I can say is though internet marketing gives you the complete flexibilty, it also has different models underneath just like traditional businesses which can be run in cafés, factories, offices and shops. Under which I will highlight, explain and highlight the pros and cons.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is by far the most basic and what I feel everyone should start off if they are new and eager to make their first dollar online like me 10 years ago.

By definition, it is promoting other people's products for share of decisions.

They can be digital or information products as in e-learning programs comprising of e-books, videos and software in membership sites as well as physical consumer goods that people like you and me buy everyday from shops and e-commerce stores.

They can also be services like autoresponder or certified email promo and service provider, domain registry and web hosting packages.

As to where and how to promote and get paid, you can sign up at online marketplaces and networks like Amazon, ClickBank, Market Health, JVZoo, Warrior Plus and many others you can find through diligent Google and YouTube research.

2. Info Product Creation

This is where you create your own info product or e-learning courses.

As in e-book, videos, software and other resources you can compile into membership sites before selling as your own program and even coaching.

The beauty of this is not only you have full ownership in changing and promoting, you can recruit other people to promote for you as affiliates.

For this, I recommend Optimize Press and WordPress as best combined platforms even though you can create HTML pages as well using a free Kompozer tool.

3. E-Commerce And Dropshipping

Beside info, you can promote physical goods as well.

Anything you can buy from shops and stores can be marked as well on the web.

Clothing, computers, electronics, furniture, home appliances, toys and video games just to name the most popular choices.

4. Local Businesses Consulting

If you are good at either 2 or all 3 I mentioned above, you can offer your services to small and medium enterprises who require professional looking websites, social media channels and advertising for maximum exposure, leads and sales.

Should the proportional bosses saw and recognized the value of what you are providing, they do not mind paying you more so long as you continued to help them generate more customers, sales and revenues.

5. Mobile Apps Design

Beside websites, social media channels and advertising, mobile apps also played an important role in today's economy.

Because nowdays most people preferred to surf websites through their iPhones and also instead of just searching through Google for websites, they can download and proceed straight to the apps to access whatever information they need and want.

If you can also excel in this, you can also provide as part of your marketing package to companies, restaurants and shops.

6. E-Book Publishing

Suppose you do not like to talk to people face-to-face, you may consider this along with affiiiate marketing and info product creation instead of approaching local bosses.

All you need is a Microsoft Word or Open Office and type in what you know a lot about and can help others before publishing into PDF through e-book directories or to Amazon Kindle Store.

7. Freelance Jobs

You can offer to be employed by internet marketers for things they do not want to do and prefer to outsource.

Like writing articles, designing graphics and producing videos.

But unless you are into software and app development, your fixed pay will be low from the start.

8. Selling Domains And Websites

This is by far the most lucrative of the 8 models I highlighted.

As all you need is to sell keyword-rich or impressive domains and profitable websites to ready buyers on sites like Flippa and Empire Flippers.

Whichever model you choose, you can run from anywhere anytime you want it so long as you have computer and internet connection. That is the real beauty of internet marketing!

What Makes Online Radio Stations So Popular?

These days, you do not need to invest in buying hundreds of CDs of your favorite music. Other than the traditional radio, now you have the option of satellite radio offering you quality music. Yet, for getting the largest choice of music, online radio stations are the best.

The benefits of using Internet radio far except any other sources that provide music. With the growth of the web, Internet radio is finding an increased acceptance. Despite facing tough competition from other kinds of radios, including satellite and terrestrial radio, its popularity keeps increasing and it already has a large base of listeners.

Once you have an Internet connection and a computer, you may listen to an online radio, meaning listening to the music of your choice even when you are not at home, without the need of taking your physical radio along with you.

One reason that motivates people to favor Internet radios rather than the conventional ones is the fact that they do not need to pay any membership fee in case of the former, allowing them to enjoy music whenever they desire, without spending any money.

Another benefit of online radio is the fact that the listeners have many options. The number of available online stations is very large, and they all relay a very wide variety of music, meaning that a listener is sure to find the very music he enjoys. In case of other radios, you usually have very limited choices of music.

If you have been listening to conventional radio stations, you would have clearly realized how annoying it becomes when your radio is unable to catch the desired station for listening to your loved program. In case of an online radio, there is no such failure of connecting to your favorite station, if your net connection works.

For many, the most irritating part of using conventional radios is the continued transmission of commercial ads. On the other hand, Internet radios enable you to just listen to your kind of music without getting interrupted by commercials. By searching the Internet for online radios, you can find any number of radio stations which do not include any commercials whatever, and you can continue listening to the music that you like.

And finally, by choosing to listen to online radio, you can listen to numerous radio stations broadcasting musical programs from different countries of the world. It means you can get the taste of music popular in other countries, and when you discover a new genre that you like, you can start listening to it anytime you want. This way, the number of options you can get will surpass your imagination!

That leaves us with little doubt that online radio stations make the best option for enjoying your loved music. You can get a very wide variety of options without paying any fee, and you can listen to your preferred music from any part of this world, irrespective of your geographical location.

5 Steps to an eBay Store

eBay has been one of the few internet business that have grown at an exponential rate over the years.

No matter if the brand is an already well established brand or a new entrepreneur, everyone that the help of eBay in attracting more customers toward its company.

One of the reasons why eBay is growing so fast is that it accommodates businessmen in a lot of ways from allowing them to make banking arrangements to committed customer support.

eBay owns a massive customer base so any product-based business would flourish on it and due to its high customer base, your products would be exposed to a wide customer range.

Why should we be using an online auction site such as eBay? Mainly because it is available at low costs, it is exposed to a large customer market and the transactions are pretty easy and convenient.

As any business, success would only come to you if you work smartly and effectively. Choosing products that are in high demand in the market and targeting the correct customer market are the only ways through which you can secure the success of your business.

Apart from numerous, other strategies and steps through which your effective eBay store is guaranteed, following are the five steps which, if worked on properly, would lead to an effective store.

1. The very first thing is to set up an account. To do so, you need to provide your bank details for them to verify your account. After that you need to decide on the mode of payment means how you would want your customers to pay you.

2. The second and the most essential part of setting up your store is the preparation of your items for sale. In preparing your products you need to keep in mind the demand of your product and the price of your product. See the market trends and then set a list accordingly. Make sure to check the list of prohibited items on eBay and then start your product selection.

3. Once your products are selected, start preparing lists of your items. A sales brochure should be created having a complete and catchy description along with a picture of the product would do the job.

4. The mode of payment should be selected. PayPal is often the most preferred one, as it provides a complete payment system. Your sales would tend to be higher if you have a PayPal payment mode option.

5. Make sure to receive the payments before dispatching of the products. Once all the thing ends, both the buyer and the seller should leave a feedback on how their experience was. Try to get as many positive feedbacks as possible as that would help you in building a good reputation amongst your competitors.

Before starting off your business make sure to study all the ground realities that are there related to your products. Another important factor that directly effects your store sales and reputation is how you present your store. A store with an elegant and professional look would always attract more customer traffic as these things would help build the customers trust in you. More the trust, higher would be your sales.

The Right Way To Sell Other People’s And Your Own Products Online

So far I have spoken about who I am, what I did and how I got involved in internet businesses as well as different models underneath the same way traditional ones are run in shops, restaurants and offices.

In this article, I am going to explain what is the right way to sell other people's and your own products online and the information I am providing you below is what most gurus charged a lot of money for in their coaching programs.

1. Identify Your Niche

The very first thing is to identify your niche.

A niche is what you are good at, knows a lot, likes the most and spends a lot of time in.

It does not have to be making money online without you do not have a niche in mind or are unsure if what you come up is what the market wants.

Can be other things like cooking, drawing, entertaining like dancing and singing, investing, photography and sports such as bowling and golf just to name a few.

And the reason why I say those is so when when you shared with others, they will perceive you as more authentic as in being real instead of trying to fake just to make money out of them.

2. Identify Your NIche Market

This is what you should do next.

As in finding a group or better still, groups of people who shared your interest and which you can connect and relate to.

The main questions you probably have in mind like others are:

A. How and where to find people?

B.Even If I do, how am I going to approach them?

My answer is any place with a lot of people talking about a common topic, passion or problem is a potential market.

Offline, you can go to networking events such as those in Meetup and organized by your family and friends, join courses and local community clubs based around your passion or what you are keen on.

Online, you can join Facebook groups and forums.

But whichever, your goal is the same.

To build relationships with those people to let them know who you are and how you can help them before approaching their trust.

And in order to do that well, you need to give yourself at least 2-3 months.

Although there are other methods as well like SEO and paid ads, this one by far works the best since it does not require you to spend money but just your and others' time.

3. Identify Your Niche Market Needs and Wants Through Product Research

Once you have established strong rapport with those people who will be your prospects and potential customers, you need to find products that can either solve their problems or fulfill their desire.

This is where you did research through Google and affiliate networks like Amazon and ClickBank.

Before coming up with a list of 3-5 of those products that are best relevant to what they are looking for as solutions or achievements.

4. Building Your Online Presence

Once you have done the first 3 tasks, right right you can beginning recommending and promoting to your market.

But if your goal is to build a long-term sustainable online business, you should resist that temptation to make immediate or quick gains for long-term profits.

This is where you get technical as in registering your domain and web hosting to build 2 types of websites.

One is your blog in which you let readers know who you are, what you do and how you can help them while the other is your landing, lead capture or squeeze page – a 1 page site designed to get their email addresses in exchange for your free gift which can either be a 5-10 PDF report, video or both before linking them to your affiliate or own offer.

You also need to set up social media channels which everyone is browsing for maximum exposure such as Facebook profile, fanpage, group, Google+, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

5. Email Follow Up Through Autoresponder

When you first recommend products in your blog or the free gift download page you promised once they are opted into your landing page, most people will not buy.

There before instead of continuing advertising which requires time, money and creativity, you can effectively cut down costs by following up with them through emails.

However like everything else, there is a right and wrong way to write emails.

The wrong is obviously to keep blasting offers after offers with little or no regards to what your subscribers need and want.

While the right way is to provide them valuable information to educate and nurture them before they can make a more informed buying or not-to-take-up decision.

With that said, this is my 5-step internet marketing system on how to sell other people's and your own products online the right way.

Free Music With Online Radio Stations

The Internet is a great tool, and during the last couple of years, it has allowed people to search for data and information in a simple and easy manner. People no longer have to depend on the newspapers to discover the latest news, or check the TV daily just to catch some entertaining shows. Now they have at their disposal various news (stocks, shopping, weather, sports, science, entertainment, politics, etc.) and they can check these out with just one click, whenever they want, and without paying anything.

Well, not exactly anything. One has to own a computer, a good Internet connection and the skills required to operate a computer connected to the Internet. OK, maybe “skills” it's a bit overrated. Let's say knowledge.

Among the additional results bought in by the Internet, we can mention the online entertainment or the free radio stations that can be found online. According to the name, these type of services do not charge anything, so they are free. Those who want to use this type of service can sign up on the website of the service and listen to the songs that they like. Lots of the sites that offer free radio stations offer plenty of free services in different languages, and and coverage all around the world. The listener only has to select the songs and the language. These will be transmitted to his or her PC and the party can begin. Or, you can listen to these songs using your speakers or headphones.

The users only have to take into account a few technical details, like downloading the software that makes the application work; This facilitates the connection between the PC and the radio station.

The features of this software include alerting the user on the latest offers, releases and newest songs. Lots of the radio stations service providers put their tools to the user's disposal, so that they can download them for free. In most of the situations, for lots of radio stations, people can also use a 3rd party software that has similar purposes. The only difference is that they come with a limited warranty and a price.

Bottom line: it is the decision of the user what player to use. However, those who want to benefit from technical support can use the player offered by the site of radio stations. Because it is strongly connected to their business, lots of providers of radio stations will make sure that they place the bugs as fast as possible (starting with the first complaint they receive).

Users might need a period of a couple of minutes of web surfing to find the best radio stations. Finding the right radio station can sometimes be hard, but if you have managed to do so, you can stop purchasing CDs. You will only listen to your tracks online!

How Would You Feel If eBay Blocked Aussie Shoppers?

Are there people in Australia buying your products on eBay?

You might want to promote a special sale exclusively for them because it looks like your future with them is indefinite.

eBay said it could resort to blocking Australians from buying from foreign sellers on its marketplace because of Australia's new tax laws.

eBay refuses to comply with the 10% tax which the Australian government is imposing on imported goods sold online, calling it complex and unworkable.

Australia's new tax law, which takes effect on July 1, requires online businesses that sell more than $ 75,000 worth of products in the country every year to charge GST.

eBay is a large marketplace which has over a million sellers selling a wide range of products and earning a revenue beyond the tax threshold which was set by the government of Australia.

Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison says this will ensure a level playing field for local businesses that are not exempt from GST unlike their competitors overseas; only foreign packages that have a value over $ 1,000 are currently charged GST.

However, eBay thinks of the proposed legislation as impractical since the current business models of online marketplaces do not support the collection of GST.

If they are to go with the GST changes, eBay says they will have to intensively reorganize their business models which could take a long time.

In a submission to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee, Jooman Park, vice president and managing editor for eBay Australia and New Zealand, wrote:

“No tax would be paid to Australia and none would be owed. It would raise no revenue, deny Australians access to choice and lessen price competition.”

He also stressed the point that the new GST does not even represent a win for bricks-and-mortar retailers because Australians would still find better options online.

Third-party marketplaces are not sellers

Alongside the irrationality of the bill, eBay notes how it misconstrued the nature of its business.

eBay cleared up a misconception in the legislation which referred to it as a “seller” and an “electronic distribution platform”, for it is neither.

To clarify this, Park explained:

“eBay is not a seller. eBay does not own the goods, does not handle payments and it does not distribute anything. eBay is a third-party online marketplace that simply connects buyers and sellers.”

Although he acknowledges that there are some marketplace-style business models wherein the marketplace is also the seller, Park stressed that eBay does none of this.

He stressed that the Australian government purposely deemed eBay to have a seller in the new legislation so that they can give the impression of raising revenue.

When eBay polled 1,000 Australians, though, it found 59% of them did not support the bill.

If eBay decides to restrict Australian customers to buy only from sellers in their country, will this affect your business?

Where Can You Promote Affiliate Products, How And When You Get Paid?

In this article, I am going to share with you as to where you can promote affiliate products, how and when you get paid your commissions for the sales and even leads you can get. However before doing so, I like to inform you that they are from those I joined and had been promoting since getting started in 2008.

1. Amazon

Amazon is well-known globally. It started as an online bookstore but now it sells everything under the sun. From apparels and clothing, computers, electronics, household appliances, sports equipment and gear, toys and video games just to name the most popular ones.

All these are very familiar since we bought them from halls and departmental store regularly offline as well.

So what makes Amazon so lucrative?

One, they operate 24-7 through their marketing and delivery platforms and secondly, making decisions is easier since they are what people like you and me buy everyday but at massive discounts especially on special occasions like Valentine's, Mothers and Fathers Day, Easter, Thanksgiving , Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas holidays.

However, the downside is their starting tasks are low at 4% and they pay once every 2 months due to delivery, shipping and warehouse staff who are making a full-time living and making sure the customers got what they paid for on time.

Before paying out to affilliates or associates they preferred to term as.

2. ClickBank

Like Amazon, ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate networks but more on digital or information products as in e-learning programs comprising of e-books, video tutorials, software and website templates llke WordPress themes in membership sites.

However in terms of payout, this is where they have a huge advantage over Amazon.

Since they are what customers can get access immediately upon payment, they pay out contracts much faster not once but twice a month every fortnight.

Their products are in various categories like what you expected to find in bookstores such as Arts And Entertainment, Business And Investing, Cooking And Dining, E-Business And Marketing, Health And Fitness, Home And Garden, Sports etc.

3. Market Health

Market Health focuses more on health supplements for men, women, children and old people.

They have 2 types of payments as in you getting commissions for every sale and lead you generated for them.

4. Paydotcom

Founded by veteran marketer Mike Filsaime who is widely considered as grandfather of internet marketing, this is a carbon copy of ClickBank.

But after Mike Filsaime sold the rights to another marketer Shawn Casey and focused on other projects, very little has changed until recenlty.

For every sale you generated, you get paid through Paypal you need to set up.

5. JVZoo

Beside promoting as an affiliate, JVZoo is my absolute favorite network for adding my own info products as well.


Because it is free as compared to ClickBank which charges $ 50 USD for every product I added last time.

And they only take a cut from the profits you made promoting other people's or your own products.

6. Warrior Plus

This is an exclusive network of Warrior Forum only for members to buy and sell relevant stuff.

In this case internet marketing since this is what the site is all about.

Stress Is Anywhere, Anytime

Stress is everywhere and is in anything that we face in our daily lives. But that does not mean that life is miserable because of stress. It still depends on how you handle stress and how you cope up with the situation that is stressing you out.

There are two types of stress: good and bad. Stress becomes bad if you let it consume you. When you can not do what you are supposed to do because of stress. But, stress becomes good when it makes you thrive harder and it helps you achieve your goal.

The top reason why people get depressed and stressed is because of work and then followed by relationship.

Whatever your work is, you will once in a while get so stressed that you probably might think of resigning. But that does not necessarily is the way to cope up with it, because truth is, where you go stress will follow you.

Eric Jodoin, in his “Stress Management in the Workplace Identification and Coping Mechanisms”, stated the four types of stress that is taking place when you are a worker.

1. Time Stress

Getting stress because you have so many workloads coming in and yet you still have a bunch of task to complete. You are so focused on the ticking of the clock to meet your deadline, you even do overtime and bring the tasks at home. You will have not enough sleep which will even make you more anxious and productive that again, will stress you.

2. Anticipatory Stress

It is about the stress for thinking too much of what's ahead of you. Probably, a promotion is opt for you and all your mind is in there that you forget what is your current responsibility in your present position.

3. Situational Stress

When your company is in the brink of closing and you do not know if you can easily land into a new job. Or, you are demoted because of inefficiency in your performance. Even a simple call from the director because of a mistake is already enough to stress you out.

4. Encounter Stress

To better understand this, we can liken this type of stress to stage fright. The thought of talking (or presenting) to other people, probably client or the big bosses in your company is stressing you. Of course, who would not be? They are the owner of the company you are working for, a mistake can be equated to firing you.

It is important to know the roots of your stress and what causes you to be anxious. That will be the only way for you to know how to cope up with it. You can not solve a problem without knowing what the problem is. Stress, anxiety, and depression may just come like small issues but they can cause big NEGATIVE effects. There are signs for you to know on how to know if you have anxiety , acknowledging these signs would be the first step in distressing yourself.

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