Online Radio and Advertising

The popularity that the Internet radio enjoys today is not just limited to teenagers, as even the elderly also enjoy listening to it. The Internet has been widely instrumental in connecting the world in more than one way. It allows people to communicate, shop online, learn many different subjects online and do many more things.

It is not too long ago that people were dependent on the local radio for news and other information. Thankfully, those days are over now, and the Internet has facilitated an instant communication that we never imagined earlier.

It was during the mid 90s that the Internet radio started growing, and it had a phenomenal growth, as small and big commercial radio stations started appearing worldwide. It is difficult to ignore today's radio as a powerful medium for advertising, since the Internet connects millions of people worldwide. Many businesses having realized its potential are already exploiting this novel medium for advertising their product and services.

An ever-increasing number of companies are introducing new channels, giving to their listeners an opportunity to convey their feelings with these radio stations playing music through various programs, as per the interest of listeners. Now, one can enjoy listening to the latest and even the unreleased albums of their favorite singers from any corner of the world, as long as it has the facility of the net. You can also find the details concerning any particular singer or the writer of the song.

Those people who love sports can listen to live commentary of any ongoing cricket or football match. It is quite normal for radio stations to employ online radio jockeys, who can easily connect with the audience while allowing the listeners to convey their opinion or post their comments on the Internet.

Advantages of Internet radio advertising for business owners

  • It enables you to target your audience for advertising the services and products you may be offering.
  • You can get a variety of radio stations to choose from, offering various formats, from oldies to rock, and from talks to news, as required by your business.
  • Advertising through radio is far more economic than advertising through TV, and radio ads are easier and quicker to fabricate. Your audience need not wait for the forthcoming issues, as in case of magazine ads.
  • You can get a wider reach, irrespective of your geographical location, as long as your audience has an Internet connection.

Limitations of the Internet radio advertising

  • Anybody can simply modify your ad and use the same for their purpose. Since these ads are of very short duration, you need to condense your ad without sacrificing its content.
  • Radio ads may have noises appearing in the background, prompting you to run your ad more frequently to make it effective for your prospective clients.
  • As most businesses are interested to advertise during morning and / or evening hours, you may be required to pay for advertising your business during those hours.

Why Own a Professional Looking eBay Store?

For people planning to pursue a business career in online business, eBay stores hold paramount importance. But setting up a professional eBay store brings with it, a lot of questions that require simplification and clarification, such as why would I want a professional look for an online store? Or what are the relevant steps that should be taken that prove to be beneficial in the future?

Firstly, having an eBay store is similar to having an e-commerce site where all your products and services are displayed in one place. The online store has its own separate identity, including a separate URL address, an identification logo, all related information, policies and it also allows you to build your own customized eBay template design which gives off an impression that your store is highly professional. This results in attracting potential customer traffic towards your store.

It is usually seen that buyers do not seem to be much confident when it comes to online purchasing, but choosing a professional eBay template design helps to put in confidence in your customers towards you resulting in generation of more sales. Not only does it bring n customer traffic that is visiting your store for the very first time, it also promotes repeat business by bringing back contented purchasers. Great customer service and brand recognition are the ways through which the above mentioned goals are achieved.

If your eBay store contains a professional look, customers visiting your store for the very first time would have an everlasting good impression this would turn swell your opportunity of success and this can be achieved by using a pre designed or professionally built eBay template design. Your store should have a personal touch and should reflect what you are and this is considered to prime value. You should also pay heed to the fact that eBay is used by a large number of people so you should always consider using a unique design to help you stand out from your competitors. Trust is another vital factor which plays its role in the success of your eBay store, so make sure that you choose such an eBay template that contains all the elements of a reliable store.

A large number of eBay store sufferers from the absence of a good design, attention and some other serious errors that result in them going back to some generally offered eBay template designs. But these eBay template designs that are offered generally are inexpensive, but lack the high quality professional look that would put an adverse effect on the buyers. One of the ways to develop the interest of your customer into your store and encourage them to come back and buy again is by creating a distinct brand identity of your store. This can be done using a customized eBay template design that is both trustworthy and distinct. By using this you are not only giving your business a positive light but are also creating an experience for your customers.

Trapped In Your Career?

If you're feeling trapped by your career and feel as though there's no way out, take heart!

It's probably happened over a long period of time. Bit by bit you start looking for an escape plan. Perhaps it used to be interesting and exciting, but now you're thinking how you can somehow avoid having to go to work every day!

A change of career is not possible at this stage in your life. You've grown comfortable with your salary.

I was in this position not too long ago. I felt trapped by the golden handcuffs of a well paid career which was not fulfilling me personally or professionally. Nothing else paid the same rate and I was getting too old to retrain to do anything else.

So I turned my attention to the internet and looked for a way to earn an income from the comfort of my own home.

At first I started with eBay. I bought and sold items on the auction site to make a little extra. Sometimes I realized that there must be a better way. And there was!

I found a business model called affiliate marketing. This is a model which lets anyone sell other people's products over the internet for a commission. Initially, I was excited by the possibility of approaching an income from the internet so I rushed in trying all sorts of different ideas.

I failed miserably of course because I had no idea what I was doing. But the idea of ​​an automated income from the internet kept me going through the hardships and challenges.

Luckily for me, I had a career which I kept going while learning and building my internet business. As I got better I started making more from the internet business.

I'm not going to tell you how easy it is to do this. On the contrary, building an internet business is not easy. It's definitely not for the faint hearted. So if you think you can just 'have a go', I would not recommend it. You really need a strong desire to change your life in order to pursue it for long enough to make it work.

What's good about an internet based business though is the automation and the scalability involved. Once you have learn how to successfully sell something online you can rinse and repeat the process. What's better is the ability to scale this up over time and use automation to do so.

With the right business model anyone can learn how to build an online business from scratch and scale it up to replace their existing income. Over time, your income from your affiliate business can overtake your current income, whatever it is.

This is what first attracted me to the idea of ​​an online business. Once you find a strategy of selling products which works, you've got a global audience to aim at. It takes some time to get to grips with but if you find the right community to help you, persevere and never quit, anyone can do it!

Online Radio – Making Life More Enjoyable

We have been using traditional radio for so long that we got used to its drawbacks like:

  • Poor quality of reception
  • Feeble signal
  • Frequent ads
  • Frequent interruption
  • Limited number of stations, etc.

With the coming up of Internet radio, we no longer need to agree with all these limitations. Online radio offers superior features, including better quality of sound with minimum extraneous noises, and reduced prerequisites for its installation and use. Due to its advanced features, the popularity of this type of radio is showing an exponential growth worldwide, while that of the traditional radio is slowly, but certainly waning.

A survey conducted in 2007 on the use of online radio revealed that nearly fifty-seven million people listened to programs on Internet radio in the US alone. This data confirms the tremendous growth in its popularity, as millions of new listeners all over the world are switching over to using it. The main reasons for the fabulous popularity that this radio enjoys are its advanced features, as well as the more interesting programs, catering to the needs of the listeners.

Here is a brief description of the novel features that the Internet radio offers:

Superior quality of sound

You would agree, while listening to songs, that the clarity of sound is among the most desired factors. It's really annoying listening to low quality sounds that spoils the lovable rhythm of music. A very common “feature” of traditional radio has been its low quality of sound, mainly due to weak frequencies, long transmissions and frequent interruptions. The Internet radio, on the other hand, takes care of these problems by employing modern equipments to amplify sound without affecting its quality, despite distance and related factors.

Limited number of ads

Compared to traditional radio, online radio transmits a lower number of ads, and there are Internet radios that do no release any ads at all. This great feature attracts a whole lot of listeners to online radio. People love listening to their favorite programs, particularly music, without any breaks for ads, which are generally irritating.

Listening options

Another helpful feature that makes online radio so popular now is the range of programs that it offers to the listeners. You can certainly find an online radio station that employs software that keeps a track of your favorite song and replays the same for you more often, along with selecting additional songs tallying with your taste. Moreover, you may choose to listen to the latest albums of you favorite pop stars as soon as they are released.


Internet radio offers a wide range of stations, compared to the limited stations of traditional radio. You may listen to almost any kind of music, from the old hits of the 80's to the most recent trend-setters, like pop and hip-hop. You may even get exposed to electronic music without any hassles.

Quicker turnaround time

Traditional radio requires more time when listening to music, as it needs too be tuned. In case of online radio, you can instantly listen to your favorite songs, thanks to modern equipment and the latest technology that online radios employ.

Why You Should Choose a Pre Designed Template

Many eBay sellers prefer using a catchy customized template for the listing of their items, then having no design at all. A pre designed template helps you to give your store the professional look it needs to flourish. It is found out by research that customers tend to prefer pages that are well designed and organized rather than those that are average looking, the same thing applies for eBay auction lists. So the better our eBay store looks, the more time the potential buyer would spend on it and the chances of your sales would be high. If it seemed difficult to believe, try observing you know buying behaviors.

One massive advantage which is given by the use of pre designed eBay templates is that it helps amateurs and people new to the eBay store business in launching a highly professional looking store within no time. The reuse of the same template times and again by simply just adding a new description, a new product photo and a new link to the auction list, is another additional benefit. One of the most liked features of using pre designed eBay template is that one can leave the other details to it along with the standard product details such as contact numbers, shipping links, etc. This in turn saves a lot of precious time that can then be utilized in other aspects of the business.

The template file can be read with any preferred HTML editor. Online as well as offline editors are available that help you in designing your design template. An added advantage of designing your auction list template offline is that you have a full control over your own designing process. The options available online sometimes do not provide you with the product of high quality. Although they are time saving, but the end results are usually not up to the mark so preference is given to using an offline template designing editor in order to produce a product of high quality and standard that would help you boost your sales and attract more customer traffic by giving a better, elegant and professional look.

A numerous number of eBay auction sites are present and although there would be more than one eBay auction listing that would be using the same eBay template design, the chances of the potential buyer of seeing both at the same time has very minutes chances of happening. The products offered by every ebay auction site are unique. The redesigned eBay templates give you the option of giving your products a professional look without the expenditure of a lot of time and also saving you the problems of designing an eBay auction list from the very beginning. Apart from this there are companies that help you design and built your own customized designs, giving your store a personal touch and a separate identity. The pre designed ones should also have your own separate identity element in it to make it more attractive resulting in the attraction of more customer traffic and an increase in your sales.

Should You Invest in Products on ClickBank?

Work Online with ClickBank as an Affiliate

To work online with ClickBank as both Affiliate Marketer and Affiliate Vendor comes highly recommended. ClickBank pays the Highest Commissions online of up to 75% of each sale. There are also the digital products with recurring monthly billing. Work as an Affiliate Marketer by promoting other people's digital products online, generating a passive income.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the preferred ways to work from home, without having your own products. The key to generating sales online however depends on the quality of web traffic to the affiliate link. Furthermore all affiliate links need to be professionally cloaked. ClickBank offer over 300K Digital Products to work with in any Niche. Which is why knowing the competition is so important. And there will be competition regardless of the Niche, Popular Niches have fierce competition.

The best way to sell Affiliate Offers is Knowledge through Product Research and hard work. Be prepared to purchase the selected product, and personally test it to verify the claims. Always offer your audience a Solution that work and satisfy a Common Need within the Niche. Offering that backed by personal knowledge is how recognition is earned. Because with standing out from a rather large crowd, knowledge is the only weapon to get recognized.

Work Online with ClickBank as a Vendor

This is when you create and launch products in the ClickBank Marketplace. And yes it will cost money to achieve this because competitiveness with professionals means spending some money. Being a Vendor means your work is available as a digital download. Therefore ClickBank had launched a training program. Designed by ClickBank for ClickBank complete with the Affiliate Offer Builder called ClickBank Builder.

The added advantage to work as a vendor is the fact that ClickBank has over 150,000 Affiliate Marketers. The one thing all super successful affiliate marketers have in common is their own products. And an army of affiliates to promote their products.

To work as a vendor is the next level of affiliate marketing where knowledge is turned into digital products. Hobbies have turned surprisingly profitable even with simple packaging like PDF file (eBook). From eBooks to Membership Sites all work well in generating a passive income online. By turning your knowledge and expertise into a digital product.

Membership to the CB Surge however is limited exclusively to ClickBank University 2.0 members. The program designed by ClickBank for ClickBank because when you make money, they make money. With the CB University ClickBank is looking at training at least 100,000 people how to make real money online. Guided by 7 figure ClickBank earners revealing the deeper tactics of affiliate marketing as a vendor.

Work Online with ClickBank using Your Own Products

Work with your own products by turning a hobby into a profitable online income. But why a hobby? Because a hobby is naturally what you love doing. And with doing what you love giving up is no longer an option. Contrary to popular believe it is not easy to make money online although it does get easier with progress. Always focus on progress rather than perfection.

A great way to create a digital product that work is through intense research. It will not be easy, but will even be worth it. The key is to offer a solution that work and not just a desperate attempt at a sale. Focus on offering value now else available on the internet. Own the “Unique Thing” that actually work which will boost recognition immensely.

Once a vendor, having your own blog is no longer an option but rather a necessity. Audiences are more likely to purchase from a familiar. Which is why a blog is the perfect way to prove professionalism. But for a Blog to work there is no better way than professional SEO. Because nothing on Earth drives web traffic like SEO. With Google alone processing over 3.5 Billion searches per Day.

Work Online with ClickBank and Generate Web Traffic

There are various web traffic tactics that work, methods used by all super successful affiliate marketers. But there is no such thing as a “One Size Fits All” bonus with web traffic methods and tactics. There is only one way to know what will work and that is continuing testing and months of research. Because it is important to discover what will work for you.

Using tools like Canva, an Image Editing website and creating posts and info graphics. Great method, but also require authenticity by directing visitors to your blog. The two preferred promotional methods are blogging and email marketing among professionals. Which also go hand in hand because visitors must have the option to subscribe to an email list from any Blog.

Using tools like Lumen 5, Blog Posts can be turned into HD Videos to Upload on YouTube. The second largest web traffic platform on the internet owned by the largest web traffic platform, Google. Video SEO however may prove to be slightly more understandable once blog SEO is properly understood.

Then there are also tools like Buffer which is a Social Networking and post scheduling tool. Comes with a built in URL cloaking advantage so no more suspensions.

Work Online with ClickBank to Achieve Success

The primary focus here must be the work because it is hard work to earn real money online. Be prepared to fail more times that you would later care to remember. Because failure is how you gather the needed knowledge to stand out from a rather large competitive crowd.

Success means repetition which is often followed by failure disguised as opportunity, always remember that. For any effort to work repetition is crucial therefore as stated earlier it will not be easy. The harder you work the better the reward will be because there is no magic button that turn PC's into ATM's.

To work online is one thing but to work successfully and reap any reward is quite another. The key is to keep moving forward which no means suggest speed. For affiliate marketing to work requires time because it is tiny objective steps in the right direction.

Focus on how much you can learn and not how much you can earn. The key is learning, not learning because you need knowledge to build reputation online. But equally important is the fact that you must love what you do. Because when you truly love what you do, it will be impossible to give up.

See failure as opportunity because that's precisely what failure is. It's the opportunity to gain the needed knowledge to stand out from a rather alarmingly large crowd.

The Internet Is More Fun With Online Radio

It was not long ago that the benefits of the Internet were restricted to just searching for information on various topics and ordering goods online, but unfortunately the Internet has been exploited for listening to radio programs. It did not take long for the Internet radio to gain an immunity popularity among people, especially those needing to work on desks for long hours, as it allowed them to relax even while doing their job. Quite like traditional radio, the Internet radio also provides us with the same type of music plus other programs, with the difference that they reach us through the net. Another impressive feature is the growth of Internet talk radio, allowing the listeners to enjoy their favorite talk shows.

Ever since its absorption during 1891, radio has continued to be a favorite tool of communicating, until Carl Malamud introduced online radio during 1993. The new radio has benefited people worldwide, especially the ones who are fond of listening to music from different parts of world . Since music is accessible through the Internet, people can listen to their beloved music or their preferred chat shows from any corner of world as long as they have their computer with an Internet connection. Simply put, it means that even when you are home, you can easily listen to your preferred music or chat shows from countries found on the other part of the world. It is interesting to point out here that the first program that Carl Malamud submitted happened to be a live talk. Initially, only local listeners could access it, although it was transmitted worldwide by making use of the Internet, and that's how online radio stations got introduced.

Since the software needed for listening to this new radio is available easily, and often without any charge, it is not surprising that million of users, teenagers and adults alike, frequently download the same for listening to their loved music, even while working or otherwise . It has been realized that about fifteen percent of teenagers along with adults listen to online radio regularly, often accepting it as their preferred past time that helped relieving stress. Moreover, with the availability of the numerous online radio stations, each featuring a series of interesting programs, there is hardly any chance of the listeners to get bored. For this reason, the new radio is especially popular among today's generation.

The advantages of setting up an Internet radio are many. It is quite simple and inexpensive, to begin with. Moreover, organizing the manpower, the upkeep of a radio station and the associated details are not very demanding. All these features make it a very rewarding proposition to set up an online radio station for anyone keen on having their personal radio station. As an owner of an online radio, you enjoy complete liberty of playing the kind of music you like, or organizing chat shows that you may find interesting, as well as many other issues. You are the boss so you decide the topics or personalities to be discussed on that radio and transmitted worldwide. This will be especially helpful for those wanting to start an online radio for talk shows.

Edge of Using Pre Designed eBay Templates

The basic advantage of using an eBay template design relates to your store or auction look. The template can give your store a professional and elegant look resulting in the attraction of more customers and increase in sales.

The auction looks to be put in a lot of effort if a professional customized eBay template design is used to make it stand out.

A pre-built design saves time and effort making your job less tedious, meaning that you would not have to pay someone to do your designing nether you would be spending a lot of time on it yourself. This would enable you to put that saved time into other aspects of your business such as marketing or driving in more customer traffic.

Another massive benefit of using an eBay template design is that multiple auctions could have been made in far less time than making each auction individually would.

Predetermined forms are available to set according to your requirements if you do not prefer someone else to create a template for you.

Another edge that you get from it is that you do not need to require vast knowledge of things like HTML and you can just click your desired options and the engine would create a template for you fulfilling all your requirements.

Free templates are often available online created by many web developers. They create templates and post them on the internet allowing anyone to use them as long as they mention and give credit to them at the end.

The above mentioned way provides with a mutual benefit as not only you get a template that best suits your needs and matches up with the quality, you can also help the designer in evolving and you can also benefit by making an agreement with the designer to continue working for you.

As a lot of people planning to start an eBay store do not have expertise of that level in forming the store, the eBay design templates available online help them a lot and they are very on those templates a lot.

If you plan on starting an online business and building your own brand identity, it is recommended that you hire a designer that builds you a customized eBay template.

In order to make your products more recognizable and understandable, have an attractive logo and a good header.

Usage of the same logo and header across all your online links such as blogs, websites or other auction templates is important and recommended as the logo and the header becomes your identity and the customers can easily recognize you and relate to you.

Apart from various other benefits provided by the use of eBay template designs, it also allows sharing of maximum information with the potential buyers by the displaying important features on your page.

But before all this, it should be kept in mind that the buyer can only view your auction templates and see how professional and elegant it is if they are in your listings. And to get them in your listings it is important to focus on traffic generation, constant monitoring of competition and keyword searches.

Affiliate Marketing 2018 – 3 Points To Consider

Affiliate marketing is the process of offering products for sale on the Internet, and having your own account remunerated for any sales made.

The beauty of the system is that you do not have to put any money down for inventory – you're able to sell someone else's product for a cut of the sale.

Obviously, like all business opportunities, a number of unscrupulous individuals bought the market into disrepute with nefarious practices … but having said that, the majority of affiliate marketers are legitimate people looking to share good products.

If you want to know it in 2018, this tutorial should give some insights …

Role Of Affiliate Marketing 2018

The Internet landscape has changed markedly since theception of the model back in the late 90's.

With the rise of Social Media, “influencers” have become the mainstay of most people's Internet experience – leading a huge number of purchase decisions to be based off their recommendations.

Whilst this has bought its own problems, one of the most important things it's done is to expropriate the general Internet community to the process of buying products on recommendation .

This recommendation process is what lies at the core of affiliate marketing, and is basically how anyone who does it gets paid.

The point that needs to be made is that when you “make money” online, what you're really doing is getting people to buy things online.

This purchase process lies at the core of all earned dollars – be it through the Internet or locally. The way through which it's facilitated is what determines its profitability etc.

To this end, when the Internet started achieving commercial value in the late 90's and early 2000's, product / service owners realized that they could multiply their revenue by simply allowing others to sell their products.

The model was designed to encourage cross-promotions etc – and it worked.

By 2010, the market was teeming with products, services and companies who all offered a variety of affiliate referral programs.

There were even some “networks” who managed the process for everyone involved.

Although this works well, the main problem it had was that it led to a number of problems – typically with people feeling they had been ripped-off by referrals / vendors.

Thus, by 2018, while it's still effective to have the likes of Google affiliate sites, it's more effective to carve out an “influencer” role in a market – and let that determine who enjoys what you're offering.

1. Remove Necessity

As mentioned, there are a number of reasons why affiliate marketing was not seen in too bright of a light – the main being that “thin affiliates” had jumped on the bandwagon, trying to take advantage of market demand for their own gain.

The best way to make progress with referrals in 2018 is to use your own face .

Creating content around a particular topic that you have expertise / experience with, and actually giving a damn about whether the content is effective, is what constitutes to a successful affiliate strategy in 2018.

If you create your own content, have the relevant social media channels (which you populate with actual content), you'll want to look at then incorporating referrals into your strategy.

Any referrals you make are NOT “sponsored” content – they need to be presented as you would use them yourself – which typically means the creation of content specifically aimed at the core reason for the product.

For example, if you're in the software / computer business, you'll find that people will respond to either your recommendations or industry news. You'll do very well by not only covering the relevant news, but then linking to “further resources” in the various descriptions you have.

The best affiliate marketing strategy for influencers is to direct readers to a website (rather than the products directly).

This gives you the ability to present various other offers, coupons and information about any referral links you may create – without the need of being overly careful to not break the rules of the various platforms through which you reach your audience.

2. Reviews Are not Dead; But They Need CONTEXT

It used to be the case that if you created a simple reviews website, bought some traffic, you'd get decent sales.

Those days are all but gone.

The big equalizer is social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have changed consumers' expectations markedly.

They want to know WHO is making the recommendation and WHY.

This is where “reviews” have headed – they need “context” that can only come from a valid story.

If you want to write any reviews for products, you need to buy the product first – go to lengths to properly review its effectiveness, and then post the results of what you discovered.

Unless you're on the first page of Google (which is now a LOT more difficult unless you have actual content on your website), getting referral traffic really needs to have a lot of quality put behind it.

3. Focus On Providing A Service

The best thing you can do is to focus on “getting paid” by doing something that people will be willing to pay you for.

I've tried many different things, but I'll tell you now that it's those who continuously have “something to do” who are attractive.

The guys who are relying on affiliate marketing to make money are likely going to fail. Even if they do well, it's typically short lived.

The best recommendation I give to people is they look for ways to “create money” of their own, and then use their downtime at evenings or weekends to create websites / videos on various products they thought were good.

By doing this, you not only give yourself actual income up front, but you also do the magical thing of being non-needy.

Needy businesses are weak businesses. Strong businesses take their time to get their products done properly.

If you consider your referrals as a “business”, think about the investment you might need to make it effective, and then consider how you could improve it. This is where the value of affiliate marketing in 2018 really lies.

How to Choose Between Shoutcast Server and a Flash Server?

When you have to choose a streaming method, you are basically faced with two choices. The simplest choice would be for you to use Shoutcast streaming . Basically, Shoutcast is a technology of Winamp which allows you to compress audio files such as MP3 and also allows you to stream them in this compressed format. Shoutcast is specifically suited for audio transmission such as the transmission of MP3 files. Technically streaming in Shoutcast format is very easy as you will just have to use Winamp and the Shoutcast plugin. Whatever is playing in your Winamp would be playing in your stream as well. you can also listen to the stream with software such as Winamp, VLC and even Real Player. This is really a great choice if you are thinking of using it for making your internet radio. You can easily create your playlist in Winamp and the same list will be broadcast in your Shoutcast stream. There are many companies which provide Shoutcast service, but its also important that you get good support so that you can have the help that you need with your Shoutcast stream.

However, if you are thinking of streaming video, then Shoutcast will be woefully inadequate. You will need to use Flash streaming to get the best results. With Flash streaming basically your video is encoded using a special H264 encoder and then the encoded data is streamed to a Flash server. Then the stream is given back out to the internet and anyone with the link can watch your stream real time. Unlike Shoutcast, you can use a web player to play back your video with your Flash stream. There are many video players that have been made for Flash streaming and you can easily embed these players into your website. This way, you can give the option to your visitors to watch any video stream online in your website. In order to encode your video, you just need to have a live video source and you will need to have an encoder software such as Adobe Flash Media Encoder to encode it using the H264 protocol. You will also need to have a destination server which runs Flash server. Then you can use the link to distribute your content.

Here, you are faced with two choices of Shoutcast or Flash streaming when you want to stream your content. Naturally, you will have to factor in the type of content that you have as well as the budget that you have set aside for this. You can get help from the internet to help you decide and you will need to make sure that your stream server service provider is able to provide you with 24 hour support and assistance to help you to achieve your objective. Once you get to hang it, streaming your content can really be fun and you will become a content provider for the internet as well.

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