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postheadericon Get hold of your Free Premium Netflix Account Now

Netflix has spread like wildfire in a few short years. Cable and satellite television has sort of taken a back seat. Netflix is a service that enables you to enjoy various media using the internet. The genre is vast and is updated daily. People now prefer watching their favourite series, sports, news, etc. on Netflix instead of switching on the tube.

Founded on 1997, initially Netflix was a DVD rental company functional only in the USA. Now it is one of the largest online communities which allow people to stream online content. Netflix is also very versatile in the sense that it can be accessed on various platforms like smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, gaming consoles, etc. All you need is a working internet connection.

So how do you get your free premium Netflix account? On completing the Netflix registration, users are entitled to a month of free usage, but there’s a twist. You will have to provide your credit card details. Although it will not charge you for the first month, it will be used for the months to come.

Here’s how to tackle the situation:

  • Once on the internet click on your display picture and select ‘Your Account’ in the drop down menu.
  • Next select ‘Cancel Membership’ and you’re good to go.

A Premium Netflix Account lets users enjoy TV Shows from all over the world for $8 a month. But we are helping you to get it for free. Here’s how.

First you need to visit the link Here you will see two links ‘Home’ and ‘Download’. Click on download and you should be redirected to Once you are there, you will see a large ‘Begin Download’ button, hit that.

Then you will see a new dialogue box in the same area which reads ‘Complete an Offer Below to Continue’. Do not worry this is one of the most important steps. Click on the offer you would like to opt for and voila you’re now the Netflix Premium Account list for absolutely $0.

Once you complete the survey, your download will begin automatically. We have struck a deal with our sponsors who have helped us develop this awesome hack.

It may seem like a hoax, and yes there are innumerable such websites all over the World Wide Web. Which is why we have included a counter at the bottom which will show you the success rate of this download unlock.

Let’s face it you do want a Netflix Premium Account. It will help you gain access to so much. It cost $8 each month and you would grab any chance you get to save the cash, you have absolutely nothing to lose. What more, it take no time and is as easy as it can be.  Many users are watching the latest episode of GOT Season 6 as you read this article. And not only GOT but a lot more exciting seasons.

So get clicking and visit and get your Free Netflix Premium Account. Happy Flixing.


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